Life behind the Scenes

My first group of 'Mice Girls'

This was the first draft of the A-Z of Life for Little Monsters. It is so amazing looks back and seeing the progress from here...

Character development for my book

Hedgehogs - draft #1

This was just a doodle - I still have it and I don't really know what to do with it...

After playing around with Monster Finger Prints I decided to order a large finger print stamp so my monsters could be a bit bigger - which helped digitally.

I resisted drawing unicorns for a while - but then I gave up.

This was the first owl added to 'A Parliament of Owls'. I think he may end up on a few other things!

I love sending letters and cards so wanted to create an ambassador for this. Mr. Snail was the obvious choice...

Dino roar - speak (shouts!) for itself.

Character development for 'bee'.

More butterflies!

I love these guys. I originally looked up the Collective Noun for Tortoises which was 'a creep'. I felt that was too restrictive for them so put them on bikes!

This was the first Collective Noun I drew, since then the collection has grown and I now have around 15.

I often work alongside my Mini Me, who also loves to draw!

Butterflies work in progress.

My First Craft Fair at Eden Court

Legal imprint